Replacing Survey Stress with Survey Success

"Replacing Survey Stress with Survey Success"
      - Barrins & Associates
Accreditation Consulting Services for Behavioral Healthcare

Barrins & Associates is a nationally recognized consulting firm specializing in Joint Commission (TJC, formerly JCAHO) and CMS consulting services for the Behavioral Healthcare industry. The firm was founded in 1999 by Anne Barrins, CSW who was a Joint Commission surveyor for 13 years and has more than 30 years’ experience in behavioral healthcare compliance management. Barrins & Associates specializes in providing Survey Preparation and Continuous Survey Readiness consultation exclusively to the Behavioral Healthcare field.

Barrins & Associates works with Behavioral Healthcare organizations on Continuous Survey Readiness for TJC and CMS surveys as well as with organizations seeking initial  accreditation. Our clients include all types of Behavioral Healthcare organizations such as psychiatric hospitals, community based programs, BH programs within acute care hospitals, residential treatment programs, substance abuse programs, and eating disorder programs.

We Provide the Following Accreditation Consulting Services

Survey Preparation helps you achieve optimal performance on your next TJC or CMS survey. Survey Preparation includes the following components:

    • Organizational Assessment                 • Survey Process Training  
    • Customized Survey Preparation         • Mock Surveys
    • Standards Training                              • EOC/Life Safety Code Reviews

Our findings and recommendations are reported concisely to your management team before leaving your organization. On-site and off-site technical assistance is available for support in implementing corrective actions.

Continuous Survey Readiness incorporates ongoing consultation throughout the survey cycle that enables you to avoid the "last minute rush" for TJC and CMS surveys. Continuous Survey Readiness is our proven approach for keeping organizations ready for unannounced surveys. Our Continuous Survey Readiness Program includes the following components: 

   • Organizational Assessment                • Annual Standards Training
   • Focused Medical Record Review       • Mock Surveys
   • Internal Tracer Process                      • Off-Site Support

Each Continuous Survey Readiness Program is tailored to our client’s unique organizational needs.

We are Experts at Joint Commission and CMS Survey Readiness

Our team is comprised of experienced TJC and CMS surveyors and senior leaders of Behavioral Healthcare organizations with extensive operational  experience in accreditation compliance. Their disciplines include psychiatry, nursing, social work, psychology, health information management, and engineering specialization in NFPA Life Safety Code and Environment of Care. We match their expertise to your setting and your needs. .

More Than 130 Behavioral Healthcare Organizations Have Used Barrins & Associates

For the past 14 years, Barrins & Associates has worked with more than 130 Behavioral Healthcare organizations nationwide to achieve successful outcomes on their TJC and CMS surveys. View our Client List to see the types of organizations that have used our services. Read our client Testimonials to get firsthand feedback on our work and their experience with our team. We are proud of our proven track record and our extensive client base!

Contact us today for an evaluation of your organization’s TJC and CMS Survey Preparation and Continuous Survey Readiness needs.

Your benefits are:

1) Reduced organizational stress
2) Less ramp-up time and cost
3) Successful survey outcome
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